The Heart

Your emotions. Your inner urges. What your soul beckons you to do. Who you really want to be, what you really want out of life. Not everybody knows themselves well enough to read their internal impulses, so often times this calculation surprises some. Often called the Soul, the Heart’s Desire and other names.

To calculate the Heart, we will use the imagined name of Reginald Regis Scott as our continuing example. The Heart is found by converting all the vowels in the full birth name into numbers, and adding these numbers into a final sum. As for the Y “vowel,” some Numerologists consider it a vowel and others a consonant. I have seen it both ways and advise to calculate the Heart and Mind numbers with Y as a vowel, and then as a consonant and see which is more accurate for you. Personally, having a Y in my name, having it as a consonant leads to a far more accurate chart.

eia = 15

ie = 14

o = 6

= 35/8

Reginald’s Heart number is 35. This is an athletic and social number that urges the holder to keep going no matter what happens. Reginald would then search for the number 35 on this blog for more insights (which will be written at a later date).

Next, we calculate the last major position of the core chart.

    • Hi Jessica, the birth name is used for all calculations as it has the greatest influence over the life. Any other names used later in life are considered as secondary influences.

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