Update 2

Another update…I’ve been hard at work with a new Numerological system while using the addition/subtraction techniques described in this blog. So far the results are very encouraging and in many ways just as accurate as the Pythagorean system. Whether the system in this blog is retained or not remains to be seen, more experimentation needs to be done.


Hello readers…it’s been some time since the last post on this blog (2012), but I have been working on some new things (not only blog related) which will be rolling out during the year and I plan on updating this blog regularly again as things move forward. Until then, keep your eyes out for new features and more updates! Thank you for reading!



This is a number of family and material pleasures. They are about the well being of their families to the point of being overprotecting of them. It deals in sensuality, and care must be taken not to overly indulge the senses. Otherwise, your creativity may suffer. Your overflowing love showers all those around you and you always have plenty to give to others, whether it be your love, your help or your time. This number usually has outstanding health unless it indulges in the senses. It often gets married and has an abundant family. It must remember to remain flexible in the face of changes. 41 represents fertility in all its forms.



The builder has ideas it wants to try out. These ideas overflow for others to take benefit from, which is one of the reasons why this is a great family number. It needs to be doing something useful, indicated by the 1 which stands for productive action. Being unproductive kill sits drive, which is too often caused by the scattering of energies in many directions, as indicated by the -3. Self indulgence is another danger, and this includes the common vices such as alcohol, sex and food. They generally try to create a loving environment that others can find peace in.


You must learn how to best use your fertility. This comes in many forms: new ideas, many children, an abundant family or perhaps an innovative business. Care must be taken not to abuse any of these gifts, especially of the senses. Others will look to you for your help.

SELF 41/5

You are more than likely a family man or in the very least desire a family. You may do well in business or in any endeavor where innovative thinking is required. You must learn to keep an eye on your health, as it is a great reflection of your actions.

HEART 41/5

You have a loving heart and willing to do anything for those that are close to you. At the same time, the sensual life may be a great desire for you and one will need great self discipline to control these emotions. Try not to be too emotionally overbearing on others.

MIND 41/5

Your mind is full of ideas. As long as you keep others in mind, these ideas can come into fruition. It is important to put your ideas into practice and keep yourself busy, otherwise laziness results. There may be challenges here to keep one self in the morally right.



The number 40 represents obstacles that must be cleared in order to reach an objective. However, these obstructions can be seen as part of a purification cycle that helps to better one’s life, especially if the right viewpoint is taken. This is a number that is also about patterns and life cycles, and how to construct the best ones for every day living. Sustainability and predictability also fall under this number. It is a hard worker that believes in a square deal. Negatively, this number may be lazy, wasteful and selfish. It may have a bad attitude about the limitations it must learn to live with. Compassion for others returns in like kind and 40 is a number that is depended upon by many to build their homes and businesses.



40 is an octave number, which means its greatest strengths are its greatest weaknesses as well. Therefore, all the strengths of the 4 are here: material planning, orderly growth, establishment of predictable patterns and so on. However, therein lies the weakness. It may become so obsessed about these things that they may do the same things over and over again and they may become boring. It needs to learn how to smell the roses once in a while and to simply enjoy life. Breaks in their routine revitalize their energies, and if they plod on without rest they can burn out, or perhaps a situation will occur that will make it rethink its routine. In any event, they will seek to become highly educated in the subjects that they like. Study is required to master them.


You must learn how to conduct orderly growth and development in your life for the material benefit of others. This includes the details of business work, how to construct a home, stock trading and so on. Obstacles and limitations may beset you: do not give up, but learn to find the strength to overcome them.

SELF 40/4

You are a very practical and dependable individual who has an eye for statistical analysis. Construction work, business planning or or mathematics may within your lines of work. Remember to study a subject in depth and not merely skim the surface and call it “good enough.”

HEART 40/4

You desire predictability and practicality. You want a life of orderly growth and development, and you are not afraid to get some dirt in your fingernails. Watch out that you do not turn into a bore in your emotional life. Keep things stimulating with your loved ones.

MIND 40/4

Your mind is ruled by facts and measurements, and you do not like to fiddle with unproven theories. You like to plod along and desire to see a predictable pattern emerge as the days go on. Learn to take time out for yourself when the mundane life seems to suffocate the intellect.


This is a number that wants to love all those that surround it. It desires an atmosphere of peace and contentment, surrounded by family and loved ones. It leads a long and healthy life. It always finishes what it starts. Romantic and inspired, it chases dreams that it wishes to make a reality. Negatively, 39’s are liars who telling tales that interweave between fact and fiction. Then, they forget about ever telling them. They have a rigid code of conduct they place upon themselves in every situation. It may have artistic tenancies but it must learn to keep its interest stimulated, otherwise it may move on to other projects.



This is a number that is all about loving relationships. The creative three is swimming in the ideals of the nine and nit picking the best dream for itself. Because of this, it often creates atmospheres that it likes to emotionally control. To other numbers, this can be irritating. It may do anything to keep this atmosphere afloat, even lying profusely. At this point, the 39 must realize that doping others on their theories will not win them the loving relationship they desire. Relationships are a two way street and require honesty and integrity. When it has established a fair and loving atmosphere, then it will be able to express what it desires and have its partner be open to it. This number can also be very selfless when called to be.


You must learn how to love others openly with no strings attached. Learn how to create a loving atmosphere for those who require comfort in their lives. Lying to others will only attract deceitful relationships. When you learn to be honest with others and open to the concerns of others, people will begin to listen to you.

SELF 39/3

You have a very gentle, poetic personality. You may be involved with the arts or in any form of self expression, such as acting, dancing, music, drawing or writing. You must remember to give your love freely, and be careful about being lazy. Procrastination can scatter your talents.

HEART 39/3

You desire an idealistic life with your loved one. You may be emotionally controlling: remember that relationships are a two way street and be open to the needs of your partner. You may express your beauty in other ways such as the arts. Take care not to be too frivolous.

MIND 39/3

You dream of a perfect world, where all of your dreams come true. This may be masked selfishness in order to obtain a desire. You must learn how to come down to reality and learn what makes a relationship tick. It is not just material considerations or sexual escapades, as both are fleeting things. It is love.


38 has a far reaching vision that can see many things that others cannot. This is also true if working the inverse: it can live within its own fantasy world and deny what is happening outside of itself. In either case, it is very imaginative. It is spiritual and depending upon the position in the chart, likes to teach these principles to others. This number is heavily oriented with family and loved ones, which will be in abundance for them. It is artistically gifted, intuitive and sensitive. It tends to accumulate some form of wealth during its life. Negatively, it gets lost within its own mind and loses all touch with reality. It must remain focused on what really matters, and learn what really makes it happy.

38 reduces to the Master Number 11, which also supports intuitive insights and ideas, but also tensions with others. In this case, it is more along the lines of social and visionary aspects. It further reduces to 2, as all digital rooted 2’s above 20 first reduce to 11.



The creative 3 is engaging the 8 which is of wealth, strength and material vision. This number may have problems staying grounded in reality, especially when it comes to relationships. It desires them greatly, but it builds its own preconceived ideas about them that may be far from what they really are. It needs to learn to ground itself and gain a true perspective of the situation. Often it is preoccupied by their visions which come through their dreams or perhaps other psychic experiences. The 3 sees a vision and its imagination goes ballistic, something that needs to be controlled. The imagination cannot be stifled, but it must be allowed to constructively flow through one’s life so that it benefits them instead of denying them the happiness they deserve. The key is channeling the imagination into some type of life work that will give the 38 a proper perspective on mundane reality. The +2 signifies one who can see both sides of a situation and desires to cooperate with others, but must learn how to do this. The 3 and the 8 behind the 2 indicates a number that wishes to connect with others in some form of expression or creativity. The negative -5 is a number that may lie, cheat or otherwise prove unfaithful unless this number is tamed. It indicates an overindulgence or some form of addiction, whether it be food, drugs, sex or otherwise.


You must learn how to connect and start a relationship with others based upon principles grounded in reality. This may be a trial and error process as you shift through your preconceived ideas and notions, and whether they work on the material plane. Be patient and learn how to discipline your imagination so that it flows constructively rather than destructively.

SELF 38/2

You have a tendency to enlighten others using your vision. A key here is to respect the viewpoints of others, as we are all on different evolutionary paths with different perspectives. You may also be a bit of a family man or women, and you attract material goods that you share with them.

HEART 38/2

You want something real, and want to connect with others on a soul to soul level. You may have to go through many people until you find the one you are looking for. If your dream partner is not available, you tend to lose yourself in fabricated dream worlds. Guard against this.

MIND 38/2

You may have an artistic mind, and it would be one way to guard yourself against becoming lost inside of your own mind. Draw, write or somehow express what you are seeing on a medium and locate your target audience. Channeling your visions will help keep a proper perspective on reality. Otherwise, one may live in a dreamworld and refuse to leave.



The number 37 is about going within to find spiritual values, and then using these values to set an example for others to follow. As a result, it is very reserved and knows how to hold its temper. It values the home it lives in, as it know it is the base from which all of its endeavors are launched. This number is attracted to international endeavors. You know how to be diplomatic with others in order to obtain your own desires. You may have a skill in taking advantage of any situation. Because of its desire for power, it has a hard time with relationships. Negatively, the anger it keeps bottled up underneath the personality explodes into violence. It is immoral, treacherous and dishonest to a great extent. It is advised to channel this inner anger into constructive projects to avoid losing what it has worked for.



The 37 looks into itself in order to gain its modes of free thought. This can be a very spiritual number, though this is not always apparent due to other numbers in the chart. It knows how to express itself well, and does this well in isolation. From isolation come insights, which are used to help lead others through negotiation. The -4 indicates a danger of bottling up emotions, which manifests as increased bullheadedness. These must be learned to be seen for what they are and channeled appropriately. It is attracted to religious and spiritual subjects, philosophy and the arts. The -4 also indicates being able to care for one’s family and home, but has a hard time expressing emotions required for a sustainable relationship. This is one reason why many 37’s do not have a significant other, but this may be overcome through negotiating with their other half and explaining one’s position, as they may not see your point of view on things.


You must learn how to negotiate with others using your unique spiritual insights. Any anger will affect you negatively: learn how to channel this into proper endeavors. Otherwise, drinking or other substance abuse problems may plague you. Learning about other people and cultures can only build your experience.

SELF 37/1

You may come across as reserved and calm, or perhaps forceful and edgy. Either way, you know that your emotions must be kept in check. You can be a great negotiator and may do well in business by setting an example for others to follow. Remember to keep your morality in check.

HEART 37/1

You have a desire to negotiate with others in order to profit from situations. The main thing to keep an eye on is your anger, as it can easily overcome everything else. You often dream about who your mate will be, but again, how you control your emotions is the key to your chances.

MIND 37/1

You see both sides of a situation, and you know how to make the best use of it. Your mind may drift across the lines of acceptable behavior. This can be dangerous if any of these fantasies manifest. Learn to train your mind to think inside the bounds of what is acceptable and realize a fantasy when you see one.



This is a number that goes through many obstacles but has the perseverance to overcome them. It is very kind and willing to help others. It has a very broad viewpoint. It is a survivor, and is able to go on no matter what burden is placed upon them. This is due to their excellent health, wide vision and compassion and understanding for others. People know they can trust you with responsibilities. Negatively, 36 weaves a web of lies. It becomes tempting for it to weave deceit wherever it goes, to its own detriment. It may suffer from emotional ups and downs. In some cases, this number can house geniuses, in the artistic fields or otherwise.



All of the artistic, emotional and mental numbers are here: 3, 6 + 9 in each position. This affords a very wide range of vision and a great understanding of humanity. Because of the wide scope of its understanding, it may understand groups of people easier than individuals which may be more superficial. That is the challenge that the -3 represents here. The feelings that this number expresses are for everyone and trying to express them on an individual by individual basis may be a bit of a problem. At the same time, this is something that may be genuinely desired, so learning how to express their real feelings will help them immensely. Also, when it struggles for a cause, it should not do so just because of social obligations or elevating their status in society. They have to be real about it.


You must learn how to be compassionate towards others while being true to yourself. Be thoughtful before you plunge into something, and do not let your emotions drive you into impulsive compassion. You must use discrimination and wisdom to see who needs to be helped and who does not. Philosophy can be of great benefit to you.

SELF 36/9

You drive headlong into a situation and are willing to bear the brunt for something you believe in. You may be involved in charities or social working, or perhaps one of the mental careers. Either way, you need to let your creativity shine through in your work.

HEART 36/9

You are willing to help your family and loved ones in all of their endeavors, sometimes to the point of sacrifice. You may have burdens to carry during your life but you have the determination to deal with them. You are also very creative, and should not ignore any latent talents apparent.

MIND 36/9

You have a huge, idealistic imagination that’s easy to get lost in. Watch out for your gullibility and remember that not everything is picture perfect in this world. You mind can produce amazing things if you set your heart to express them. Be careful not to lie to yourself on certain things.



The number 35 demands constant action and change. It travels constantly as it cannot stand to be cooped up in one place for long. It needs freedom and vitality. It is always moving and has a hard time slowing down. It tends to inherit wealth and power from other people. This number has a very forceful, yet balanced mentality. It needs to understand what the public wants in order to succeed. It possesses a calm outward appearance that belies the constant activity going on inside its head. Negatively, it is unreasonable to point of being overly stubborn. It can be narrow minded and unable to move with the times. However, with increased vision, these problems can be avoided. 35 can be very athletic and it often participates in sports and the military, where split second actions are demanded.



The social 3 is embracing the outgoing 5, which produces effort, show of force and great physical stamina. This number moves, and is not afraid to get what it wants. It loves action, so much that it hardly has any time to slow down as things are constantly thrown its way. Depending on other numbers in the chart, this not only relates to physical activity but mental as well. Obviously, moving so fast forces us to overlook details and this is one of its problems, indicated by the -2. This may creep back on them as time goes on. Learning how to be sensitive to others will be another issue to overcome. It’s natural to show others what you’re made of and expect the same in return, but this is not always the case. Many other numbers are more laid back and inhibited. This is why respecting others positions in life is another key trait of this number. This number works and plays hard, and as long as it does so with similar numbers and respects their points of view, it’s golden.


You must learn how to stand up for yourself and get out into the world to experience what life has to offer.
Learn how to best wield your physical and mental powers using your natural abilities. And as your abilities grow, power may be granted or taken from you depending on your actions. Be mindful of details and how your actions impact the lives of others.

SELF 35/8

You are a very action oriented individual with an impatient streak. You are a hard worker who can see anything through with your clever and witty intellect. Don’t be so unbending in your judgments. This will cause you to lose friends. Be flexible, and be willing to work with others for a common goal.

HEART 35/8

You have the heart of a warrior, someone who thrives on constant action. You may have an intense interest in sports, the military or other similar activities. You like to keep an eye on your health. Be careful not scatter your talents in a million different directions, however.

MIND 35/8

You have a very clever and individualistic mind and a lot of personal charm. You are able to attract the opposite sex easily. You dream about visiting far away places, but you also dream about being physically active in your career. It is important to keep your thoughts organized and stick to things when you decide to do them. Avoid half finished projects.



34 is a very practical and formal number. It does not like to step outside of the personality it shows others, though breakdowns may occur behind closed doors. It is about orderly growth and sticking to the facts. In fact, 34 can be relied upon to give straight honest answers to most questions as it lays out the facts as they are. Like all 7’s, it is introspective and if not spiritual, then philosophical. It is a very patient number as it understands that the best things in life take time to acquire. It travels much, and its journeys only add to its growing pool of wisdom. Negatively, it is selfish and lacks common sense. It can be too energetic and can burn out before getting started on a project. It must control its impulsiveness.



The +7 and -1 suggest a go-getting personality, one who is not afraid to get what they want when self confidence is secured. However, therein lies the danger. There are very few numbers here that suggest a harmonious family life; there is no sensitivity apparent, and compromise is not an inherited trait (this also depends on which area of the chart this number is found). These abilities may have to be learned the hard way as life goes on. Indeed, at its worst the 34 is like a steamroller, plowing ahead towards its goal without any regard for the feelings of others and this is the real danger. Selfishness is the key issue here, and if not controlled, it will manifest dismal experiences that will force it into new perspectives.


You must learn how to continuously evolve yourself without impeding the growth of others. To do this, you bring your ideas to the physical plane and successfully implement them. “Walking over” other people will not get you anything except bad friendships and enemies. Respect the individualism of others while obtaining your goals. Be open to traveling to new places, where your perspective on life may grow.

SELF 34/7

You are a traveler at heart and love learning about new things in faraway places. Money may be very lucrative for you as you may desire the finer things in life. However, obsessive materialism will lead to loss. All parts of life must be considered in every decision, especially the spiritual in this case.

HEART 34/7

You may be attracted to the philosophical and the spiritual during your life. Certain experiences may draw you towards this. A shaky faith can lead to an overzealous desire to acquire wealth and this should be kept in check. Overcoming emotional fears can work wonders for you.

MIND 34/7

You have a practical mind and you only believe the facts. You like practical, step by step growth. This may be stemmed by materialistic greed and such daydreams should called out for what they are. Remember to keep an open mind and be mindful of your loved ones.


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